Cool Japan: Otaku, Fashion and Art
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Cool Japan: Otaku, Fashion and Art

"Cool Japan" is a government-backed initiative to promote the creativity-based industries both at home and abroad. This session will shed light on popular aspects of Japanese culture to examine how the "Cool Japan" strategy can enhance the competitive edge of Japanese cultural industries. This session features panelists from the world of fashion, contemporary art and the "otaku" subcultures of anime, manga and games.

Panelists: Misha Janette - Fashion Director/Journalist/Blogger.

Naomitsu Kodaka - Co-Founder & CFO, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Fumio Nanjo - Director, Mori Art Museum.

Moderator: Takaaki Umezawa - Managing Director Japan, Director of the Board, A.T. Kearney.


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