Jeff Hasenfratz is a Shanghai-based executive coach and Mandarin speaker who has made his home in Asia for over 17 years. He joins our program to share with us his deep insight in career coaching.
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Jeff Hasenfratz

Jeff Hasenfratz is a Shanghai-based executive coach and Mandarin speaker who has made his home in Asia for over 17 years. He joins our program to share with us his deep insight in career coaching. His passion for helping organizational clients identify and develop the potential of senior teams has led him to focus his career in the area of executive development. Jeff reveals top three best practices and techniques that will help people being successful in their career. Tune in to find out more with Jeff Hasenfratz and Peter Hill.

Jeff's 20+ years of experience in the technology and human capital consulting industries includes functional specialization in business development and in talent assessment, development, and transition. Previous corporate associations include Hewlett Packard, Russell Reynolds Associates, and Cincinnati Bell.

Mindsight, which offers executive coaching, senior team alignment, and related organization development services, was formed in Hong Kong 7 years ago. Client organizations include Fortune 200 and FTSE 100 firms in the technology, construction materials, consumer goods, and financial services industries. Executive clients are typically CEOs/Managing Directors/Partners and their teams.

Clients benefit not only from Jeff's ability to help executives' gain and leverage greater self awareness, leading to performance improvement for themselves and their direct reports. They also enjoy his practical and humorous personal style.

Jeff is a graduate of New Ventures West's Professional Coaching Course, is a member of the International Coach Federation, and holds degrees in law and political science. He is also a certified trainer of Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking tools and is certified to deliver and interpret the MBTI, MPA, Harrison, and Conflict Dynamics Profile assessments.

A founding member of what is now called the Hong Kong International Coaching Community, Jeff also initiated the Shanghai Coaches Learning Group, and is a former board member of the non-profit Getting Back to Work Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys practicing taichi, reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Driving Your Career

Exploring 21st Century best practices to help you better manage your career and execute more effective job searches in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Interviews with experts such as career coaches, corporate hiring authorities, executive recruiters, consultants at B-School career management centers, and senior executives who have successfully navigated their careers.


Host: Peter Hill - Principal Consultant, P.H.I. Consulting

Peter Hill is Principal Consultant of P.H.I. Consulting, a boutique career and job search advisory group that has been serving mid- to senior executives in the Asia Pacific and globally since 1999. The Global Times, and increasingly his base of clients in more than 20 countries, recognize him as “The Career Doctor.”
Peter is a Certified Five O’Clock Club Career Coach, dually certified and three-time TORI award-winning résumé writer, and contributor to more than 10 career guidance books in the US and Australia. The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University retain Peter as Visiting Lecturer. He is also a frequently invited guest speaker on career management topics and has lived and worked in Shanghai, China for 10 years and previously in Nagoya, Japan for 6 years.


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Jeff Hasenfratz

Jeff Hasenfratz is a Shanghai-based executive coach and Mandarin speaker who has made his home in Asia fo


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