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Cebu Pacific to introduce Contactless Flights as “new normal”

A Cebu Pacific Airbus A320 airplane ready for take-off


Cebu Pacific Airlines has announced that it will introduce contactless flights that have a number of specific safety measure built into their operations as part of its “new normal.” The airlines guidelines were announced as the Philippines plans for quarantine restrictions to be eased starting May 16.

According to the airline, here are passenger guidelines for “Contactless Flights” within the Philippines:

(1) Required masks and physical distancing
Passengers on flights are required to keep facemasks on from the time they arrive at the entrance to their departing airport and until they leave their arrival airport. In all public areas or airports, physical distancing markers will be created and passengers must follow these markers.

(2) Self check-in and no-touch boarding
Passengers are encouraged to check-in online to minimize proximity to check-in agents and other airport staff. Passengers without bags can head straight to their gates. Passengers should have their boarding passes ready for scanning by staff at gates.

(3) Check in times for passengers with bags will be one hour before flights
In order to allow time for staggered boarding procedures, airport counters for dropping off bags will close one hour before flights are scheduled to depart.

(4) Frequent sanitation of passenger areas
Hand sanitizers will be provided for guest and staff use, at the airport and inside the aircraft. CEB passenger areas such as kiosks, bag drop counters, shuttle buses, and aircraft lavatories and seats will also be frequently sanitized for everyone’s safety.

Airline operations teams have will also these “Preventive Measures” in place:

(1) Rapid testing and PPEs for operating crew
CEB pilots and cabin crew will undergo rapid antibody tests before their assigned flights, as part the airlines commitment to flattening the curve. The operating crew cleared for flights will also don personal protective equipment. They are also trained to assist and isolate guests onboard, as needed.

(2) Extensive aircraft disinfection
Aircraft will be disinfected on a daily basis using an Airbus-approved disinfectant effective in eradicating viruses including the Coronavirus. This process is aligned with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines and ensures that all surfaces (such as passenger seats, overhead bins and cargo compartments) are covered and sanitized. Lavatories will also be sanitized every 30 minutes.

(3) Hospital-grade HEPA air filters in Airbus aircraft
The air inside the cabin is changed every three minutes; using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters installed in the airlines Airbus aircraft. HEPA filters can filter out viruses with 99.99% efficiency, which is why they’re also used in hospital operating rooms.

Cebu Pacific said that its staff plans to work with government authorities and use the most up-to-date guidelines from the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization and will adapt, change and refine the safety procedures as soon as new health and medical information is provided.




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