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Strategic Engagement

Strategic Engagement

While mainstream media remains influential in Asia Pacific, challenges to traditional media / advertising model and rise of social media are blurring lines among public relations, advertising, influencer management, strategic engagement. Hosted by Thomas R. Zengage, Strategic Engagement explores how leaders successfully engage target constituencies to achieve strategic goals.

Supply Chain TV

Supply Chain TV

The Supply Chain TV channel will include the latest news, featured interviews and live debates on hot issues covering trade, import-export, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics with, from and to high growth markets such as China, India and Vietnam. Supply Chain TV allows any vendor to leverage the power of video to highlight your competitive advantages...

The Airport Economist

Exchange rates, inflation and a changing labor force are all having a profound effect on China’s economy, leading to slowing growth rates, both in exports and in the country’s escalating GDP. In this show, the Airport Economist takes a look at some of the international macroeconomic consequences of China’s uncertain future outlook...


Vietnam Business

The BUZZ - Marketing & Media In Vietnam

The Buzz focuses on the latest marketing and media news in Vietnam and includes interviews and roundtable discussions with leading communications experts across advertising, digital, marketing, market research and media. The Buzz explains where traditional media are going while also featuring new media in Vietnam’s evolving and fast changing market.

The China/USA Business Report

The China / Japan Connection

What is the fascination with doing business in China? As the Managing Director of Gplus Media, Erik Gain, outlines, it may not be as restrictive as it once was but the common pitfalls associated with it are still present. Knowing the right people and the rules of the game is vital to succeeding in this free-for-all market. Sometimes just knowing the rules and how they work are enough to be successful.

The China/USA Business Report

The China / USA Business Report

iTV-Asia’s China-USA Business Report is a monthly feature bringing you commentary on important issues in the relationship between the two most important economies in the world today.

Advertising & Marketing in 	China

The Power Brokers

Reveals hidden rules of entertainment industry in China, we speak to all the power brokers in the world of celebrity, music, sports film, TV and branded entertainment space. The agencies, the producers, the promoters, the agents and the brands who work in entertainment.

Tokyo Insiders

Tokyo Insiders

Get inside some of the minds of the longer term expats living and working here in Japan. Find out how people and their companies are dealing with the current market, learn from their past mistakes and resent successes. Tokyo Insiders will also feature young Japanese entrepreneurs generally schooled abroad and generally having westerner mind sets.

Executive Women

Tokyo Tech

For decades, Tokyo has been a global hotspot for technology and innovation. Now, with growing pressure for businesses to leverage new technologies, how with Japan compete with new competitors?

Training for Success

Training for Success

What is Change Management? Tim Coomber joins us today to talk about how he successfully changed his career path from accountant to Chief Executive of Change Management Japan.

Vietnam Real Estate Insight

Vietnam Real Estate Insights

Vietnam Real Estate Insights provides the global real estate investor with up to date, detailed, information about the investment opportunities and challenges in Vietnam. The program interviews leading real estate industry experts as well as industry leaders from related industries. Our interviews examine the perspectives, opinions, and suggestions of our experts for global investor who are interested in Vietnam.