Overcoming the China-Japan Political Tensions
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Overcoming the China-Japan Political Tensions

GLOBIS is proud to present Mr. Charles Yin, the Executive Chairman at Worldwide City Holdings, to speak on a very delicate yet crucial issue for any globally minded Japanese corporation: achieving long-lasting win-win success in China.

Although his name may not seem familiar in regular households, Mr. Charles Yin is in fact a well-known and powerful figure among the CEOs of many major Japanese companies conducting business in China. Based in Beijing, Mr. Yin provides management advice to Fortune 500 firms, governments and NGOs on how to conduct successful operations in China and around Asia. A strong advocate of developing mutual understanding and trust between Japanese and Chinese businesses, Mr. Yin founded the China-Japan CEO Forum, an invitation-only discussion roundtable for CEOs and chairpersons of leading companies in Japan, China and the rest of Asia. He is the author of a bestselling book Winning in China: 10 Principles and 50 Tips (2011, in Japanese) and he directly advises the top management in many major Japanese firms.

At this GLOBIS Professional Seminar, Mr. Yin will reveal his cutting edge knowledge on the complicated and fast-changing Chinese market. Based on his broad experiences in advising various corporations and governmental organizations, he will offer his wisdom on how to deal with risks and threats as well as how to seize opportunities in China today, so that business leaders in the world's second and third largest economies can overcome challenges and prosper together.


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