Amanda Liang joins iTV-Asia today to share her story of FACE Plan. Amanda talks about how she first started this idea, the challenges she faces in developing the program.
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Amanda Liang

Amanda Liang joins iTV-Asia today to share her story of FACE Plan. Amanda talks about how she first started this idea, the challenges she faces in developing the program. What interesting experiences she has had when organizing lectures, what is her vision for the FACE Plan as well as her value of life. Tune in to find out more with Amanda.

Amanda graduated from university in 2005 with a Degree in Architecture. Since then, Miss Liang had started her career as an architect in major Western architecture design firms. Now she is a business developer to the largest private owned design institute in China. After a few year of networking, Amanda has established contact with a number of renounced western designers and good relationships with many world leading design firms. Throughout the years, it has come to Miss Liang’s awareness that the lack of communication opportunity in second tier universities in second tier China cities; for that course, she had founded FACE Plan which stands for "Foreign Architect College Experience Plan" in 2008 which aims to encourage western designers to give lectures in different universities voluntarily. She also built a website as the platform to promote the idea of “FACE PLAN”. The website is

From 2008 to now, she has succeeded in organizing lectures and workshop in 7 different universities with 12 brilliant presenters from world leading design firms. The participated universities are in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Gansu province, etc. Meanwhile, she builds the bridge between universities and western design firms, as a result, those firms could set up internship positions for students from the participated universities.


China Media Stars

‘China’s Media Stars’ aims to listen to the stories of professionals working in today’s Chinese media. We follow their career progression and gather their viewpoints on Chinese media in order to demonstrate how this reflects the current output in Chinese programming today.


Host: Weina Li - Web Content Manager, iTV-Asia Shanghai

Weina Li was born and bred in Shenyang, North-East of China, and currently resides in Shanghai. An early childhood dream of being a TV presenter led her to undertake a media course in the U.K. where she stayed for nine years before making her way back to China. Her return to China has changed her footprint in life but will one thing didn't change is her passion for media and art.
Weina has BA in Media Communications, an MA in Visual Communication. She has worked in publishing and multi-media for numbers of years in the U.K. At present she is responsible for planning, creating and managing ITV-Asia’s content, also as an announcer and host for our programs.
Alongside this she is an accomplished photographer whose works are published by various magazines & newspapers. We will also feature photos of our guests and the visual scenery that is taken by Weina.

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