The March of the Robots – Is your Workforce Prepared for Artificial Intelligence?
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The March of the Robots – Is your Workforce Prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

AI is already in the workplace (whether we realize it or not), and with increasingly rapid technological advances and capabilities its use will almost certainly become more prevalent. While many headlines focus on the risk of widescale job losses and the dangers of creating robots who can outsmart their creators, for HR professionals the use and implications of AI is far more wide-ranging and can bring not only great benefits but also a need to update organizational thinking, policies, and practices.

This interactive panel session will focus upon hearing from those who have already embraced AI within their workplace, with a view to sharing learning, best practice and challenges.

The panel will cover issues such as: • the impact on the existing workforce (including which roles will be most affected and where new opportunities lie and what changes in skill sets may be required) • the implications for working time, remuneration structures and the work environment • liability and responsibility when things go wrong - Gautam Dev, Regional Director of Human Resources – Talent and Leadership (Prudential Corporation Asia), Prudential Hong Kong Limited - Michael Gold, Editor, Asia Pacific, The Economist Intelligence Unit - Patrick Kirby, Director, Management Consulting, KPMG - Ashley Steinhausen, Business Development Director (APAC), Agile1 - Helen Colquhoun, Partner, DLA Piper - Jennifer Van Dale, Partner, Head of Employment Asia, Eversheds LLP.



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