The Evolving Role of the Expat in the Hong Kong Workforce
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The Evolving Role of the Expat in the Hong Kong Workforce

Due to the shortage of talent and the nature of the global and regional roles in Hong Kong, the need for expats remains high. However, the way that expats participate and contribute to Hong Kong and the regional workforce is evolving.

As the number of short-term expats declines while the mix of nationalities change, companies must be aware of the changing dynamics of the expat workforce the impact of current and future labor landscape.

This session will focus on the following areas: • The decline of the western expat and the rise of the Asian expat • Salary trends and the impact on the expat workforce • Localization of the long-term expat community - Lee Quane, Regional Director-Asia, ECA International - Fran Thompson, Managing Director, Pathfinder Talent Solutions - Penny van Niel, Independent Executive Coach - Sean O. Ferguson, Associate Dean (Master’s Programs), Director of MBA Programs, HKUST Business School at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).



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