Global Mindset, Building a Workforce that can Deliver Beyond Hong Kong
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Global Mindset, Building a Workforce that can Deliver Beyond Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the major Asia Pacific regional hubs for many multinational companies. Additionally, more and more Chinese companies are using Hong Kong as a platform to connect to the rest of the world to capture opportunities outside of China.

Unfortunately, many companies struggle find individuals with the right “global mindset.” Companies are looking for people who can work in cross-cultural roles serving a diverse set of regional and global constituents.

This panel will focus on the following areas: • Identifying and recruiting the right talent for regional and global roles • Creating training and development programs that create a global mindset • Building processes that support a global workforce - Bernard Coulaty, Founder & CEO, MOST Engaged Consulting Ltd - Bradley Hall, Senior Advisor – Human Resources, Huawei - Jane Morgan, Managing Director, HK, Golin - Anna Champion, Founder, The Talent Lighthouse - Mitya New, Managing Director, Leading Organisations International Co Ltd.



AMChamThe American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong founded in 1968, is one of the largest American Chambers outside of the U.S., the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Our members are united in the belief that an economic system based upon free trade, open markets and private enterprise creates employment, prosperity and stability, as outlined in our Purposes & Objectives. The Chamber subscribes to a set of universal Business Principles in support of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.


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