Back in 1990, immediately after his graduation as an Electrical engineering from Queen's University in Canada, Donald Chan discovered his real career interest lay with marketing.
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Donald Chan

Back in 1990, immediately after his graduation as an Electrical engineering from Queen's University in Canada, Donald Chan discovered his real career interest lay with marketing. (Quite an expensive discovery!) He started his advertising career with The Ball Partnership then joined Leo Burnett Hong Kong in 1995 and became the director of client service in 2000. Donald has assisted the agency in winning a number of significant new businesses including Carlsberg China, Polaroid China, Coca Cola China, SmarTone Hong Kong, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp., FerreroAsia, and Heineken.

In 1998, he was awarded the finalist in 'Suit of the Year' award hosted by Media and Marketing. He was made the managing director of Leo Burnett Shanghai in April 2002 and in 2006 he was promoted to National Managing Director of Leo Burnett China.<br/>
Donald has helped land a number of new (and leading) businesses including China Mobile, Fuji Xerox, SONY, General Motors, Tiger Beer, Siemens and Minute Maid. One of his highlights was winning the appointment as the official agency for the Shanghai Expo Bidding Committee, which eventually helped Shanghai become the hosting city for World Expo 2010.

Under his leadership, Leo Burnett Shanghai has grown from 20 people to 150 people today, with a 20 person strong ARC marketing service division. The employee satisfaction score has consistently rated the agency as one of the top 3 in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2005, Leo Burnett China was named agency of the year within the Leo Burnett Asia-Pacific region.

China Brand Forum has also crowned Leo Burnett as the most influential brand-building agency in China, with Chan named as one of the Top 20 managers in China. The office has also being been rated by IAI China as the most creative agency in China 2005, with its local originated work winning at Cannes, Clio, Adfest, One- show, and also the KamFan of HK4A's. More pleasing to Donald is the fact that work for General Motors and McDonald's that was developed in China is now used in other markets including the U.S., which is testimony to his vision to build Leo Burnett China as a World Class agency, bar none.


Advertising & Marketing in China

In this segment of iTV-Asia programs, we delve into the advertising and marketing scene in China. We see how key business leaders in this field approach the challenge of marketing and advertising in China and how they are keeping ahead of the game overall. Find out how companies are marketing their products and how the rise of advertising has impacted Chinese business and the Chinese market in general. These in-depth interviews offer insight into what it is that makes advertising and marketing in China a unique challenge. Gain an inside look at the services, concepts and strategies being used to 'grab' attention in the Chinese market today.


Host: Tom Doctoroff - Northeast Asia Area Director / Greater China CEO, JWT

Tom, born and bred in America's Detroit and educated in Chicago, somehow took a detour to Hong Kong in 1994 and never quite made it back to the States. In the meantime, he has become one of Asia's most respected advertising minds. His unique combination of pan-Asian work, plus nine years based in China, has made him a leading expert in the cross-border management of brand architecture and brand building. Furthermore, he is a passionate advocate of the iron link between brand equity and long-term profitability.
Having started his advertising career at Leo Burnett (Chicago) in 1989, Tom jumped ship and joined JWT Chicago in 1992. In 1994, Tom moved to Hong Kong as Regional Business Director, managing several of JWT's largest multinational clients across Asia Pacific (including Pepsi, Philip Morris/Kraft and Citibank).

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