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Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 is Thailand’s largest and leading conference and exhibition related to digital in Thailand and the largest digital event in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society Ministry organizes the event. The 2017 theme was “Digital Transformation Thailand” and saw participants involved in immersive exhibitions, seminars and workshops by government agencies and leading digital and technology companies from around the globe.


Echelon Vietnam 2016 Conference

Echelon Vietnam 2016 is a technology and investment conference that attracts top-tier digital professionals and entrepreneurs set to create and amplify opportunities in the fields of technology, business and investments across Vietnam and Asia.

GLOBIS Insights

Hatch! Fair 2016

The mission of HATCH! is to support entrepreneurs and promote the early-stage startup ecosystem in Vietnam. HATCH! Fair 2016 was organized in Ho Chi Minh City and was an annual international event designed to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam and Southeast Asia through presentations, knowledge and networking.

Infrastructure with Japan

Infrastructure with Japan

World history has witnessed Japan accomplish a high level of modernization within an exceptionally short period of time. Infrastructure, which provides the foundation of Japan’s growth, consists of unique creativity rooted in Japanese sensitivity, such as the resilience to accept harsh environmental changes and ideas to make effective use of limited (natural) resources, paired with the technological strength to convert ideas into tangible forms. This video series, produced by the Government of Japan, focuses on how Japan is creating infrastructure that benefits its citizens and how it has played a part in helping build quality infrastructure abroad for sustainable development with local partners.

Technology From Around the World

Technology from Around the World provides information and insights about new technology developments in the United States and around the world. Produced by Voice of America, the largest U.S. international broadcaster. VOA provides news and information in more than 40 languages to a weekly audience of 236 million people through a network of 3,000 affiliate stations. The videos shown here have been selected by ITV-Asia’s editors and provide technology insights that we believe will be of interest to our audience.