Getting to Know Amazing Hong Kong
Getting to Know Amazing Hong Kong
Getting to Know Amazing Hong Kong
Getting to Know Amazing Hong Kong
Getting to Know Amazing Hong KongHong Kong first became a British Colony sometime between 1839 and 1842 after the first opium war. During World War II, when islands in the Pacific got involved in the war between the U.S. and Japan, Hong Kong became occupied by Japan.

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Hong Kong (“Fragrant Harbour”) is a special administrative region of China and the territory has developed into a major global trade and financial center. Hong Kong is regarded as a world city, is considered one of the three most important financial centers in the world and is the 44th largest economy in the world. It is know for its skyline, deep natural harbour and is one of the world’s most densely populated areas and has a population of 7.2 million people. Limited land has created a dense infrastructure and the territory has become a center of modern architecture, and is one of the world’s most vertical cities.


Hong Kong - 2021 Holidays & Observances



Holiday Name

Holiday Type


New Year's Day National holiday


Chinese New Year's Day

National holiday


Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year

National holiday


Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

National holiday


Good Friday National holiday


Holy Saturday National holiday


Easter Monday National holiday


Labour Day

National holiday


Dragon Boat Festival National holiday


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day National holiday


National Day of the People's Republic of China National holiday


Chung Yeung Festival National holiday


Christmas Day National holiday


Lunar New Year

This is also known as Chinese New Year. Spending the cosmopolitan, festive and traditional Lunar new year in Hong Kong brings you experiences with flower market, incense-filled-temples, sports events and the International Chinese New Year Night Parade

Good Friday

This is an ancient religious holiday. The Christians observe Good Friday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death. On this occasion, Christians go to church to listen to priests’ speech. However, most people still go to work, with shops and offices still open as usual

Easter Monday

Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is celebrated as a holiday in some Christian cultures.

QingMing Festival

QingMing literally translates as ‘clean and bright.’ The festival is an important ancestor worship ritual that requires family members to tidy up the grave and burn paper, especially faux cash at gravesites during the festival. People believe that by burning such kinds of paper, their ancestors can use them in the afterlife.

The Birthday of the Buddha

Compare with Catholicism, Buddhism is much more popular in Asia, even in Hong Kong. Thus, Hong Kong has a lof of big Buddha temples, which is the visiting sites of people in Buddha’s birthday

Tuen Ng Festival

In fact, this is the Chinese Dragon Boat Racing. In Mandarin, it is known as Duānwǔ Jié; in Hong Kong and Macau, by the Cantonese name Tuen Ng Festival. The focus of the celebrations includes eating rice dumplings, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

In 1839 the refusal by Qing Dynasty authorities to import opium resulted in the 1st Opium War between China and Britain.Since then, Hong Kong had been British’s colony.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the  ancient Chinese harvest festival. In Hong Kong, lanterns merge with the city’s trademark neon, fiery dragons dance through the busy streets and a full moon shines down on a festive metropolis.

National Day of the People’s Republic of China

As a region of China, of course Hong Kong also celebrates the Chinese National Day. Fireworks displays, parades, meetings are held.

The Chung Yeung Festival

The Chung Yeung Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. Similar to the  Qingming Festival, in spring, the Chung Yeung Festival is when entire families congregate at cemeteries to engage in age-old practices of ancestor worship.

Christmas Day

This international holiday is also held in Hong Kong. Santa Claus, pine trees,... Also appear in Hong Kong people’s houses