Asia Market Research

Android takes the majority for existing active smartphones in Vietnam. Second is iOS. It is not surprised if Android will maintain or increase its share in coming years.

Mobile Technologies & Trends

Mobile technology is evolving at a furious pace and companies are trying their best to master this technology. At the same time, the explosion of new age digital media has made capturing the attention of consumer’s harder than ever to come by. To cut through the clutter, careful selection and integration of relevant channels must be ensured. The research provides information on the latest mobile trends, newest technologies and will also share successful case studies deployed in Vietnam.

Peeyush Shekhar - Director of Mindshare Vietnam - has spent the last 10+ years in the Brand Communication business at Mindshare (WPP) and has constantly been looking for ideas to engage and delight consumers through Technologies, Mobile, Digital and non – conventional solutions. In his current role, Peeyush look’s after the Mindshare Mobile and Technology business across all the global, regional and local brands in Vietnam. His goal is to bring brands to life to consumers by creating engaging experiences, meaningful interactions and personal connections with brands.

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