Asia Market Research

49% ask their friends’ advice before making decision to buy motorbike

  • Executive Summary
    • 76% Vietnamese have their own motorbike and 75% of them bought
    the new one.
    • Honda Wave is the most popular motorbike
    • 80% of teens and 71% of 20’s motorbikes are paid by their parents.
    • Brand (44%), after service (43%) and price (39%) are 3 main factors
    as the purchase factors.
    • 49% ask their friend’s advice before the purchase. The ratio seems
    to be higher with female (58%)
    • Bad driving behaviours of motorbike/car drivers (44%) is the main
    dissatisfaction among male while gasoline (57%) is what female
    cares about.
    • 49% have had motorbike accident with other motorbike before.