In this part of the interview, Patricia Bader-Johnston gives us a fascinating introduction to her new project, 5 planet, as well as the reason behind her mission to now make “Biochar” a household name.
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Patricia Bader-Johnston

In this part of the interview, Patricia Bader-Johnston gives us a fascinating introduction to her new project, 5 planet, as well as the reason behind her mission to now make “Biochar” a household name. So what is “Biochar” and how is it made? Today we find out how it can help the environment and climate change. How can we encourage “biochar” production and how can we apply this to our urban waste management? Understand the whole concept and find out more in our iTV-Asia interview.

Patricia Bader-Johnston is the Representative Director and CEO of Silverbirch Associates K.K; Organizing Partner TBLI™; Chair of the CSR Committee of The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and Professor of Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business.

Before founding Silverbirch Associates in 2008, Ms. Bader-Johnston held senior roles in a number of leading companies over a span of 25 years in Japan, including: Director of Communications for IBM Japan, Vice President Operations Finance and Resources, Goldman Sachs Japan, Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, British American Tobacco Japan, and Head (Japan, Australia, Taiwan) of Corporate Affairs for Standard Chartered Bank.

She has also served in the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo as a senior program officer in Communications and Culture, and has worked with Japanese local government since arriving in Japan in 1984. She is an active speaker, writer, panel moderator and university lecturer on topics related to CSR and sustainability, globalization trends, and doing business in Japan. She holds an MBA in International Business from McGill University.

Silverbirch Associates KK, is an independent full service Management and Communications consulting firm specializing in Business Sustainability and CSR - with a focus on helping organizations understand, adopt and functionally embed best practice CSR processes.


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Host: Philip O'Neill - Manager of Business Development for the McGill MBA Japan program

Philip O'Neill is Manager for Business Development for the McGill MBA Japan program which s taught in conjunction with Sophia University in Tokyo. Established in 1821, McGill University is Canada's top university and one of North America's leading academic institutions.
A long-term Japan resident, Philip came to Japan from Canada more than 10 years ago and is an expert on business and political.

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