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CEO Insights

CEO Insights - Vietnam

CEO Insights features interviews with leading international business experts who live and work in Vietnam. Many of the guests who are interviewed for CEO Insights have lived in Vietnam for more than 15-years and provide unique insights into Vietnam business across management, human resources, marketing, sales and technology. New programs every month!

Change for Growth

Change For Growth Conference 2016

"Change for Growth" is a conference for C-suite, Business Leaders and Management Boards to gain insights, share knowledge and discuss best practices with a variety of business leaders, from both Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. It is hoped that the "Change for Growth" conference will serve as a platform for practical business information and discussions about issues and challenges that business leaders confront in Vietnam

Executive Women- Vietnam

Executive Women - Vietnam

Today, there are more women in executive and managerial positions than ever before, it brings increasing opportunities to impact major business arenas. The Executive Women program offering fresh insights into women’s life today and how they are presenting challenging ideas for creating a better workplace environment for everyone.

China Management

China Careers

China Careers

In this interview, we have Caroline Sheldon from EF to tell us about EF and her role. She firstly tells us her working background in EF, then she introduces EF and the current circumstance of English training centers in China.

China Careers

China Solved

Recognize the nature of sales in the Chinese market. Hear what Chinese business leaders have to say about the art of managing Chinese sales in both local and international markets. Know the opinions, concepts and strategies used by overseas and Chinese business enterprises in dealing with sales forces in China.

Driving Your Careers

Driving Your Career

Jean’s career philosophy is simple, but nuanced- getting ahead takes talent, hard work, and good timing. But there are more nuances to these qualities than one might see at first glance. Talent often only comes out when you have the right position or the right team. Hard work is a given, but helping others with their tasks is the real measure of a worker.

Finding Your Dream Job

Finding Your Dream Job

The average tenure of a white collar professional in the US is around four years… yet the average tenure of a professional in China is less than half that amount. What’s different about the China job market?

Human Resources

Human Resources in China

Larry Wang has been featured on China's largest English radio station, China Radio International and is a frequent speaker at leading mainland and U.S. MBA programs.

Japan Management

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Today we are joined by Ms. Chie Motoi, first female partner of Accenture Japan, to share her fascinating story to help women to be more capable in management through training and activities.


Ecotwaza TV

What is click donation? In this part of interview, Hisayuki Shimizu shares with us what motivates him to establish his own company in Japan and the programs of his company.

Executive Women

Executive Women

Yu Serizawa joins us today to talk about her career path and how these different career experience help and prepare her successfully running her own company later.

Managing Japan

Managing Japan

This segment of iTV-Japan programs takes an inside look at developing a sound business platform for companies in Japan. Interviews will share knowledge on how to enter the Japanese market and how to succeed, and grow.


Management @ McGill

How to get fully engaged in social media to drive and protect brands? In this part of interview, Lance Shields speaks about building social relationships in social media.

Diversity & Inclusion

Recruiting & HR

Understand the process of recruiting in Japan. As globalization flourishes, both foreign and Japanese business will face shifts in human resources, begging the question - what is "best practice" for recruiting in the changing backdrop of Japanese business? See what key scholars and practitioners of this field have to say.

sales Force

Sales Force

Learn more about the nature of B2B Sales in the Japanese market. Take in the opinions and concepts of some of the top players in the Japan business scene, and hear what they have to say about the art of managing Japanese sales in local and international entities. Watch the informative interviews to find out.

Training for Success

Training for Success

What is Change Management? Tim Coomber joins us today to talk about how he successfully changed his career path from accountant to Chief Executive of Change Management Japan.