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Hospital & Healthcare Digital Transformation Indochina Conference 2020 (Bangkok)

20 May 2020 - (08:30 - 17:00)

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

Hospital & Healthcare Digital Transformation Indochina Conference 2020 (Bangkok)
Hospital & Healthcare Digital Transformation Indochina Conference 2020 (Bangkok)

Digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care and Hospital Management

As a leading medical hub in Asia, Thailand's healthcare and Hospital sector see robust growth and Thailand is a health leader in Southeast Asia. Not only is it strong on the domestic side, with more than 99% of the population receiving free health care, but it is also a highly competitive destination for medical tourism.

Heavy investment continues in the sector. Hospital groups are raising funds and expanding, mergers are being undertaken and the sector is venturing overseas. Health care is growing and seen as a source of significant opportunity and growth. The government is encouraging private hospitals to make a greater investment in research and development so the country can maintain its position as a leading medical tourism destination and develop into a medical centre for the ASEAN region.

From surgical robots to “smart hospitals,” the digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care and hospital management and it’s the key to stay on top in the next decade.

Hospitals and healthcare providers in Thailand are heavily investing in “Digital Assets” to gain competitiveness and harmonize traditional practices with technology to reach higher levels of care and lower prices. Hospitals must make sure that digitization creates more value than downsides.

The Thailand Healthcare and Hospital Digital Transformation Conference unites 300+ Top Level Executives from healthcare regulators, hospitals, clinics, digital experts, consultants and innovator under one roof to address a variety of topics, including:

1. Digital transformation with big data and healthcare analytics
2. Integration of technology and cutting-edge infrastructure into the digital hospital ecosystem
3. Protection of health information and embedding security for prevention and mitigation
4. Ensuring patient-centered care in digital domains and optimizing care outcomes
5. Enhancing talent development
6. Create a culture for digital transformation
7. Maintaining cyber security in Healthcare
8. Technologies and Solutions for INTELLIGENT Hospitals

There will also be a small exhibition of around 20 suppliers of Hospital construction and management solutions and technologies, including building technologies, equipment, ICT infrastructure, ehealth, Mhealth Solutions and more.
The event is the ideal platform to connect and reconnect with Hospital industry decision makers and get updated, inspired and marketed in Thailand & Indo-China Hospital industry.

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