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Digital Hospital Transformation Philippines (Manila)

20 February 2020 - (08:30 - 17:00)

Manila, Philippines

Digital Hospital Transformation Philippines (Manila)
Digital Hospital Transformation Philippines (Manila)

There is a severe shortage in Hospitals, Facilities and Healthcare services in Philippines In 2015, the population of the Philippines hit 101 million. The fast population growth is expected to continue and the forecasts show a population of 150 million in 2050. Fast growth of the population has put pressure on increasing the amount of healthcare facilities and to enhance the service level of the existing ones. Still today, there is a severe shortage in the number of hospital beds per capita. Access to healthcare services remains a challenge for many Filipinos.

The Hospital Sector is rapidly growing and is set for even higher growth – Increasing healthcare expenditure, infrastructural development in the hospital industry, rising investments by private and government players and escalating medical tourism in the country are other major factors which have augmented the growth of hospitals market in the Philippines.

Private sector players are heavily investing in new projects or acquiring smaller hospitals, while the government encourages private sector investors and equip suppliers to participate in hospital operations under the PPP model. It is expected to that Philippines will witness more Hospital new projects, existing hospital renovation and modernizations, facilities upgrading in the coming years.

This will also be a small exhibition of around 20 suppliers of Hospital construction and management solutions and technologies, including building technologies, equipment, ICT infrastructure, eHealth, mHealth solutions and more.

This event unites 300+ Top Level Executives from Healthcare Authorities, Private and Public Hospitals, Project Owners, Designers, contractors, Hospital Operators, Equipment and Facility Providers, Consultants and Suppliers under one roof to address topics including:

• Hospital Policy & Markets
• Hospital Development and Expansion projects
• Public-Private Partnership’s (PPPs) for Hospitals
• Infrastructure & Facilities
• Hospital Technologies & Solutions
• Patient Safety and Support services
• Hospital Management
• eHealth/mHealth Solutions

The Philippines Healthcare Conference 2020 is the ONLY Exhibition and forum that focus on Hospital Construction, Modernization Upgrading, innovative Technologies and management Solutions – Don’t Miss It!/p>

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