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Hisayuki Shimizu

What is click donation? In this part of interview, Hisayuki Shimizu shares with us what motivates him to establish his own company in Japan and the pr

Daisuke Nakajima

Daisuke Nakajima was born in Taito-Ward, Tokyo in 1981 and graduated from Nihon University, Department of Literature and Science. Nakajima joined Japa

Frank Hiroshi Ling Ph.D

Frank Hiroshi Ling is a climate policy researcher. In this part of interview, he talks about what brought him to this area and analyzes the results an

Yasushi Sakai

What is the theory behind modern Japanese garden? Yasushi Sakai, a Landscape Architect who specializes in Japanese Garden for 30 years, joins us today

Daisuke Ogata

Daisuke Ogata joins us today to talk about the services Radish Boya provide, and the system they use to delivery organic/low agricultural chemicals ve

Keiko Kikuta

Keiko Kikuta was born 1970, in Nagano Prefecture. She graduated from Kawamura Junior College and later joined Japan Tobacco Incorporated in 1991. In

Kaoru Kunita

Born 1979 in Japan, Kaoru spent her childhood years in N.Y. and Sydney, facing various environmental and international issues at a susceptible age. L

Kazuhisa Tatsumi

Kazuhisa Tatsumi introduces to us an eco-friendly product called UMEZUMI (plum-charcoal) Crepe Paper. It is made with a combination of regular pulp an

Baisho Yamamoto

Yamamoto-san was born in Kawamo, Takahashi City of Okayama Prefecture. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Okayama and joi

Tsuneyuki Fujioka

Tsuneyuki has taught and practiced business and design in Japan since the late 1990s. He is chief executive of Brandarchitecture, a design consulting

Yoichi Mori

After experiencing finance auditing, CSR research and consultation at Azusa Audit Corporation, participated in a research project of climate change an

Shigeru Inoue

Shigeru Inoue joins us talk about to introduce the history of Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho (OMY) District, and its development over the past 100 year

Masako Oka

Masako Oka joins us today to talks about her mission of reducing carbon emission, and how does she apply the task to fashion design industry. Loading

Shoji Manaka

Shoji Manaka is responsible for property management in Kokuryudo Co., Ltd. He joins us today to talk about Kokuryudo’s long term plan of bringing envi

Takako Okamura

What is Organic? What is Organic Concierge? In this segment of interview, we are joined by Takako Okamura to share with us what inspired her to build

Nanao Sonobe

Nanao Sonobe, born and raised in Tokyo Japan, graduated from University of California Berkeley in 2003. After working for Softbank Telecom for 4 years

Ryo Yamashita

As an artist, Ryo Yamashita joins us today to talk about glass history and his eco-friendly glasses. “Listen to the voice of the material”, Ryo Yamash