Tourism is an important industry for Vietnam with the tourism industry accounting for more than 5% of
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Tourism Investment

Tourism is an important industry for Vietnam with the tourism industry accounting for more than 5% of the country’s GDP and provides employment for 1.4 million people. Mr. Marc Townsend, managing director of CBRE in Vietnam provides insights into the hottest investment sector in Vietnam, “Tourism Investment” and what Vietnam needs to do to increase activity in this sector in order to gain increased tourism arrivals and create more employment opportunities in this sector.

Insights VietnamWith an improved business environment and rising trade confidence index, Vietnam is now deemed to be one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investors. Hosted by Ms. Phi Nguyen, the Managing Partner – Indochina at World Franchise Associates and an expert in marketing communication, Insight Vietnam aims to deliver insight into the market through in-depth interviews and round-table discussions with Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese investors and managers of foreign investment firms and international companies.



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Tourism Investment

Tourism is an important industry for Vietnam with the tourism industry accounting for more than 5% of

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