As a Singaporean Chinese business man, Bach Moh has valuable experience at building up business in China compared to other foreigners and puts this down to his 3 winning rules of being personable, reasonable and legal
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Bach Moh

As a Singaporean Chinese business man, Bach Moh has valuable experience at building up business in China compared to other foreigners and puts this down to his 3 winning rules of being personable, reasonable and legal. In this iTV- Asia interview we find out his secrets of success, how he blends into Chinese culture and finding the right business partner to grow with. We aim to find out how foreigners can break the ‘guanxi’ wall and maintain a first-rate relationship with their local clients.

Before founding Agrintel in 2007, Bach had held senior positions as General Manager and Group Business Development Director in a Singapore-China market intelligence company. Prior to that, Bach has gained rich experiences in people management, leadership and rich intelligence skill sets in a covert government intelligence unit and the military.

Agrintel has grown strength to strength after its first business failure in 2006. Having learnt greatly from the previous fiasco, Bach never looked back, and has grown Agrintel from a sole business intelligence company to become one with a marketing consulting subsidiary, and now, a GOC (Group Of Companies) comprising 4 companies with 7 independent business units, spanning Singapore, Shanghai, Anhui and an upcoming branch office in Shenzhen.

Bach is a certified competitive intelligence professional and a tested marketing professional specializing in localising business-development and marketing strategy for foreign companies in China, so as to fuse Western marketing sciences with Chinese cultural nuances for an optimal ROI.

He is also Advisor to a Shanghai internet operator association, a project group in Lee Kong Chian Business School (Singapore Management University), and business mentor to 4 start-ups in Singapore and Shanghai. He is also an avid writer and volunteer speaker, having written various top-ranking articles on business writing websites (e.g. and having spoken at several brainstorming sessions and seminars respectively.


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Carlo Wolff

Host: Carlo Wolff - Vice President, Business Developmemt, IMIG China

Carlo Wolff is a China Specialist with a gift to enthuse and entertain audiences on Business, Finance and Social subjects. He has been in China since 2003, acting as an advisor to industries ranging from design management to sourcing and is currently the Managing Director for Herzog International Consulting in Shanghai, a market entry consultancy. Prior to setting up in China he worked for over six years at Deloitte and Fortis Bank in M&A and Debt Underwriting. He has mastered five languages and is President of the China Advanced Toastmaster Club, and is taking public speaking to a higher level in China.


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