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AmCham Hong Kong

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, founded in 1968, is one of the largest American Chambers outside of the U.S., the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Our members are united in the belief that an economic system based upon free trade, open markets and private enterprise creates employment, prosperity and stability, as outlined in our Purposes & Objectives. The Chamber subscribes to a set of universal Business Principles in support of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

AmCham Shanghai

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, known as the "Voice of American Business" in China, was founded in 1915. AmCham Shanghai was the third American Chamber established outside the United States, and now has 3,000 members from 1,500 companies. As a non-profit, non-partisan business organization, AmCham Shanghai is committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information.

Asia Business Insights

Asia Business Insights provides information on business activities and events that take place across Asia. Produced by Voice of America, the largest U.S. international broadcaster. VOA provides news and information in more than 40 languages to a weekly audience of 236 million people through a network of 3,000 affiliate stations. The videos shown here have been selected by ITV-Asia’s editors and provide technology insights that we believe will be of interest to our audience.

BBGV Business Centre

BBGV Business Centre aims to facilitate better trade ties between British and Vietnamese companies via our trade services. We provide bespoke market research and support during visits to Vietnam though our chargeable Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS).

business entrepreneurs

Business Entrepreneurs

Get in touch with the ideas behind business entrepreneurs in Japan. "Entrepreneurial thinking" has rippled though the lively pond that is the Japanese market, but not without its share of obstacles. Understand how entrepreneurship shapes Japanese marketing...

CanCham Vietnam

CanCham is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen business and community relations for its members. With its origin dating back to 1994, CanCham has become one of the most active and dynamic business organizations in Vietnam, coordinating a broad array of social and business events that reach out to the entire population...

China Author Forum

China Author Forum

What’s the scoop on consumer trends in 2011? Let our advertising guru Tom Doctoroff fill you in. In part one, Tom discusses the major developments of 2011, including the ban on TV advertising during prime-time dramas, the reality behind the seeming explosion in online advertising, the massive success of Apple and Samsung, and the evolving automotive, cuisine and consumer sectors.

Ecotwaza TV

ECO stands for Ecology, and WAZA means technology & craftsmanship in Japanese. This program will focus on "ecology and business" within Japan. Discover the depths of Japanese ways of thinking in harmony with nature... and also learn from their mistakes.

GLOBIS Japan Insights

GLOBIS Insights is the digital media platform of the Globis University Graduate School of Management, a graduate business school founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1992 by Japanese entrepreneur, Yoshito Hori. In 25 years, GLOBIS has grown to become Japan’s largest business school, training more than 100,000 business professionals – with five campuses in Japan and overseas offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and Bangkok. The GLOBIS Insights platform serves business leaders throughout Asia, providing, article, videos, and events related to management knowledge and a globalizing Japan.

Vietnam Insignt

Insight Vietnam

With an improved business environment and rising trade confidence index, Vietnam is now deemed to be one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investors.

Shanghai Business

Shanghai Business

Here, iTV-Asia gets in touch with the ideas behind business leaders in China. Entrepreneurial thinking and innovative business strategies have indeed had an impact on both foreign and local enterprises in China. What obstacles have been faced by key leader leaders in a business environment which is rapidly growing but also clings to cultural practices?

Spark China

Spark China

The words 'innovation' and 'China' are rarely used together. Not anymore. Morry Morgan, co-founder of innovation conference, Spark China, showcases innovative individuals from across the Middle Kingdom who are helping change the perception of China to the world.

The Airport Economist

The Airport Economist is your guide to doing business in the Asian Century. Led by renowned economist Tim Harcourt, we'll be visiting thriving markets all across Asia to find out what the emerging opportunities are for doing business there, how to get your foot in the door, learn from companies who are successfully operating there, as well as discover the local culture.

The Power Brokers

The Power Brokers

Reveals hidden rules of entertainment industry in China, we speak to all the power brokers in the world of celebrity, music, sports film, TV and branded entertainment space. The agencies, the producers, the promoters, the agents and the brands who work in entertainment.

Tokyo Insiders

Tokyo Insiders

Trond Varlid joins us today to talk about what brought him to Japan and his company Tomra which mainly focus on eco-friendly machines and container recycling to make a better sustainable society.

Tokyo Insiders

Vietnam & Me

FBNC is one of Vietnam’s leading all-news cable television networks available throughout the country on television and the Internet. FBNC broadcast daily news programs, talk shows and lifestyle programs that focus on money… how to earn it, save it and spend it.