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Thailand wants to target “Weed Tourists”


Across the globe, travel destinations are trying to create new “marketing positions” for their destinations in an attempt to lure vaccinated tourists to their locations to help reboot their economies.

Thailand, which has sold itself as a destination of beaches, fun and sex is creating a new marketing niche as the country develops marketing promotion plans around the concept of “medical marijuana tourism.”

In late 2019 Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia to legalize growing cannabis for medical purposes after the government approved the legalization of growing medical cannabis with specific standards and regulations.

Thailand is famous for its beautiful holiday destinations and its severe punishments for drug use, but travel industry experts expect the country to begin to launch cannabis tours programs for International and domestic tourism, now that certain growers are producing medical marijuana that meets the governments standards and requirements.

As currently envisioned, tourists travelling to Thailand will be able to gain access to medical marijuana with a prescription by going through a process of visiting a Thai doctor who will exam the person and give them a medical marijuana usage card or prescription.

After that, tourists will be encouraged to sign-up for a cannabis tour that will consist of visiting cannabis farms. Guides from the farm, or who have accompanied the tourist will provide information on how the marijuana has been grown and other information. After that tourists will purchase the cannabis products covered by their “prescriptions”.

Pipat Ratchakitprakan, Thailand’s Tourism & Sports Minister, is encouraging “weed tourism” as a way to bring economic benefits outside of the manufacturing of cannabis and has asked advertising and public relations agencies in the country to submit marketing plans to produce “quality tourism” campaigns aimed at Americans and Europeans to visit the country for “beaches, medical healing and relaxation.”

It is expected that “Weed Tourism” campaigns could begin at the end of 2021 or early in 2020, depending upon when the country can safely open to vaccinated international tourists and when the country has vaccinated enough of its citizens in tourism areas and marijuana farm areas to make ‘weed tourism” safe.




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