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COVID-19 triggers digital transformation in Taipei


“Taiwan plans to push 15 action plans for industries to go digital, supporting its smart city initiative”

The city of Taipei has recently released a “White Paper on the Policy of Digital Transformation of Industries in the Post-epidemic Era” to help the capital remain competitive post-COVID19.

Taiwan’s Mayor, Ko Wen-je, has said that the pandemic has induced a “new normal” lifestyle that demands constant adaptation to changes in life. The New Year’s Eve countdown, for instance, received a last-minute green light when all risks have been evaluated based on scientific evidence.

Mayor Ko also said that during the peak of the pandemic, Taiwan had failed to seize the opportunity of digital transformation that have been triggered worldwide, as the country largely focused on keeping the virus in check.

Despite the previous missed opportunity, Ko sais that he believes that the government must now facilitate the implementation of digital infrastructure for Taiwan to better manage the forthcoming challenges.

As a result, Taiwan plans to push 15 action plans for industries to go digital, supporting its smart city initiative.

Based on the city’s white paper, the plans are to be executed in five sectors:

• Digital infrastructure
• Digital talent development
• Digital transformation assistance for businesses
• Development of a stay-at-home economy, and
• Contactless services.

To support the city’s initiative, Taipei City will establish a “Big Data” center, develop a 5G test field, encourage digital payments, enhance remote medical care, promote online entertainment and upgrade commercial districts.

It’s also said that the Taipei government is also considering how it can better support a digital infrastructure and economy and may issue digital infrastructure bonds to provide funding for a new digital infrastructure and economy.




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