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Hong Kong sees tourism arrivals drop 94% in 2020


The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has reported a drop of 93.6% drop in tourism arrivals in 2020. According to the HKTB, there were only 3.57 million visitor arrivals to Hong Kong in 2020.

HKTB said that the majority of the 3.57 million visitor arrivals occurred in January 2020 and that most people arriving in Hong Kong after January were people who were visiting family members or travelling for other essential reasons.

As the COVID-19 virus started to spread around the world in February 2020, and Hong Kong limited entry to overseas visitors and introduced stringent quarantine measures from mid-March, the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong decreased to almost zero

YK Pang, the Chairman of the HKTB issued a statement with the 2020 report and said:

“The tourism industry has been through an extremely tough year. HKTB has renewed its strategies and approach in response to the immense challenges of the pandemic. As visitors could not come to Hong Kong in person, we took the initiative to concentrate on improving the city’s atmosphere and ambiance while maintaining its international exposure, so as to attract visitors back to Hong Kong as soon as the COVID-19 situation eases.”

He added, that: “Looking ahead to 2021, the HKTB is well prepared for the resumption of travel.

We will further strengthen our cooperation with the travel trade to jointly develop new products and itineraries and enhance Hong Kong’s service quality.”




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