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Online gaming media in the Asia-Pacific Region


Written by: Alex Gevers, Senior Insights Manager, Comscore

This week’s snapshot summarizes the online gaming media footprint, as of July 2020, in the Asia-Pacific region.

We include statistics for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Scope: Our analysis covers websites and mobile apps where consumers can find information on video games and game-related news, as well as websites and mobile apps where users can play online video games.

Top line observations:

Table 1: Consumers
The proportion of consumers who visited a game-related site or app remained stable or increased somewhat in most countries from June 2020 to July 2020. (The exceptions being Hong Kong, India, and Singapore.)



Table 2: The Gaming Ecosystem
The gaming ecosystem is highly fragmented: few companies achieve more than 5% reach, while many do achieve more than 1%. Within this context, it can be argued that the market in Australia, India and Vietnam is more concentrated, whereas Malaysia has one of the most fragmented market.



Table 3: The Gaming Landscape
The gaming landscape varies significantly from one country to another. However, we do have a few international gaming entities appearing in more than one country, Omnia/Blue Ant Media being one of them.






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