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Philippine Airlines now requires both face masks and face shields on flights


In order to stop the global spread of the Covid-19 virus, Philippine Airlines now requires that all passengers on its flights will be required to wear both face masks and face shields. These measures are based upon the latest guidelines for airlines as prescribed by the Philippine’s Department of Transportation.

Passengers on PAL flights will be required to bring their own facemasks and face shields to wear and will be required to undergo temperature checks before checking in for their flights. Additionally, the airline is installing protective barriers at airports and ticket information counters and increasing the number of hand sanitizers’ inflight.

The airline is also requiring all of its cabin crew to wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during flights that will include facemasks, face shields and protective clothing.

The airline was forced to cancel all of its scheduled flights to and from Manila since August 4th as the Manila National Capital Region was placed on a strict restriction called Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine after confirmed cases in the Philippines reached over 6,000 per day. Covid-19 cases in the Philippines have come down by almost 50% as of August 22nd, but are still averaging 3,000+ cases per day.




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