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Expedia Group Academy: Offering Trainings To Travel Workers


The novel Coronavirus has fundamentally impacted the world of travel. Most of us have had to postpone trips, delay seeing loved ones, and set aside travel for the time being. But one group of people whose lives have been impacted more than most are workers in the travel and tourism industry.

Everyone—from tour operators, to airline employees, from hotel revenue managers to tourism board employees—has felt the impact in one way or another. Many have seen their revenue streams dry up, their incomes impacted, and their jobs furloughed. I have been working in the travel industry for over two decades and some of my closest friends and former colleagues have lost their livelihoods. We are all feeling the pain, either directly or indirectly.

Expedia Group’s existence is intrinsically linked with travel workers around the world and when we saw the far-reaching impact that this pandemic was having, we wanted to find ways to help people weather the storm. So, we created Expedia Group Academy – a component of Expedia Group’s industry recovery program. This new, free, education program was designed to help displaced or furloughed travel workers expand their skill sets and develop their professional networks as the industry begins to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.



Melissa Maher, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Industry Engagement at Expedia Group, said that the concept of the Expedia Group Academy was born out of a desire to support travel industry workers around the world by helping “upskill industry employees as they look to return to full time employment in a way that strengthens not only their career opportunities but will also make them a valuable addition to any company.”

• July, the first month, focuses on professional development and includes three tracks: elevating personal brand, managing online reputation and interview preparation.

• In August industry experts will join Expedia Group Academy to share insights into the various sectors of the travel industry ranging from lodging, air and cruise.

• September’s focus is developing business skills in high-demand areas such as data and analytics, financial planning, and sales training.

• The final module, in October, will center on transformational and purpose-led leadership with trainings on effective coaching, inclusive leadership and managing stakeholders.


Editors Note:
If you’re a travel agent or travel industry professional and interested in the Expedia Group Academy, visit them on the web at:




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