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Opportunities for Foreign Investors in China’s Service Industries After COVID-19


From: China-Briefing

• Taking Advantage of China’s New Normal
• Navigating Disruptions in the Service Sector: Leading Trends
• Checking the Pulse of the Healthcare Services Industry
• Tapping into New Growth Opportunities in F&B

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the world has been plunged into a cycle of tracking daily reports on the outbreak and its impact on societies, economies, and governments. At the level of business and industry, enterprises have had to accelerate all decision-making aimed at their survival and relevance.

Having suffered through the worst of the outbreak in the initial months of the year, China now offers the world a way to move forward. The immediate lessons from the almost overnight executive decisions are near unanimous. To survive a public health crisis of pandemic proportions, enterprises in China have had to digitize all contact-facing operations to the utmost extent possible, refit core company assets and redirect resources to manage sudden changes in market needs, salvage customer relationships by quickly adapting to new realities, and either expand the scope of business through technology solutions or withdraw to core operation strengths.

In this edition of China Briefing Magazine, we focus on how key industries in the services sector have entered into a new normal since the outbreak began. We also provide an overview of new opportunities for foreign investment that have emerged as a result of major disruption to the status quo. Finally, we spotlight two major industries impacted by COVID-19, healthcare and food and beverages, where new opportunities represent the larger trends towards technology mobilization, industrial upgrades, and online retail.

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