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Japanese drone service provider enters Malaysia, seeks industrial clients

(Photo courtesy of Terra Drone).


Tokyo-based startup Terra Drone Corp. has set up a drone services subsidiary in Malaysia, its second Southeast Asian market, as part of a global expansion. The Japanese company established its subsidiary Terra Drone Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur with $28,000 USD in capital. The objectives for the new company are to seek clients that need its services for data collection, inspection and industrial work.

Terra Drone anticipates demand among oil, gas, utilities, construction and agriculture clients, and engineers from a subsidiary that was established in Indonesia last year will help staff the Malaysia office in its beginning stage.

Terra Drone is know for using specialized surveying methods and drone data processing techniques powered by machine learning to help companies with industrial mapping. The company already has 16 branches in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America. Going forward, it plans to tap into Singapore and Thailand where oil and gas industries are active. It also makes drones for mapping, light detection and military use.

The Malaysian subsidiary will initially offer drones that are manufactured in either Japan or Europe, and will also open an assembly line for drone manufacturing and a repair shop for existing clients as business grows. Drone services have gained ground in Malaysia along with growth of the locally based services provider Aerodyne Group.




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