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Embracing the stay at home economy in Southeast Asia


“As South East Asian markets begin to move towards a stay-at-home economy, how can brands prepare?”

As COVID-19 spread around the world, we saw that the Southeast Asia (SEA) nations were not impervious to its spread.

Governments around the SEA region rushed to contain its spread as COVID-19 cases accelerated in their countries in March, by advocating social distancing measures and imposing strict movement control regulations over its citizens.

As a result, the SEA markets began to move towards a "stay-at-home economy". It is therefore imperative for brands and retailers to be agile in adapting to this new normal.

There are significant changes emerging in the lifestyles and habits of South East Asia’s consumers that brands need to be aware of.

• How can brands prepare for the shift in shopping behavior across FMCG categories, and social classes?

• In what way has the online channel played a role in consumers’ shopping repertoire, and how can brands navigate the SEA landscape to maximize the potential of this channel?

• How can brands prepare against the shifting Ramadan landscape in light of a stay-at-home economy?

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