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Pikotaro – Japan’s Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen singer creates new song about washing your hands

Pikotaro makes a new “PAPP2020“ video to encourage Japanese to wash their hands


Back in 2016, when we had no idea a global pandemic was waiting to sweep the world in four years’ time, Pikotaro, a Japanese singer, swept the world with his viral hit song “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen,” also know as PPAP.

Now, as countries grapple to secure a hold on the coronavirus that’s been named COVID-19, Pikotaro is stepping into his leopard print stage gear once again, with an updated version of his signature tune, called “PPAP 2020”.

Instead of singing about pens and pineapples, however, Pikotaro has adapted PPAP to reflect the year 2020, when people everywhere care less about weird combinations of fruit and stationery and more about washing their hands.

It’s a great alternative to the “Happy Birthday” tune people are encouraged to sing two time while washing their hands, and while it’s designed to bring a smile to people’s faces at a worrying time, it also acts as an important PSA, ending with a heartfelt message of hope and encouragement from the singer.




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