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Vietnam’s Vsmart phones focus on taking market share from Chinese rivals

Vietnamese models present VinSmart's new smartphones during a launch event in Ho Chi Minh City


In Vietnam, smartphones made by Samsung and a various Chinese brands dominate the market since they the cameras, screen sizes are what consumers want, run on Google’s Android system, and cost much less than a high-end Apple iPhone.

In the past, several Vietnamese companies have tried to grab a share of the Vietnamese mobile telephone and smartphone market, but because of company limitations related to brand awareness and sales channels, they gained very little market share.

This year however, the smartphone market could be shaken up if Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup is successful in overtaking some of the Chinese brands, with a new, “Made in Vietnam” “Vsmart” phone that costs around $100 USD, a price that Chinese makers would have difficulty matching.



Vingroup saw its smartphone sales takeoff after the sales of its Joy 3 model began on February 14, with the company selling more than 15,000 phones on the first day.

A representative of the company said that, “Even though Vsmart phones use Android operating system, Vsmart’s software engineering department customized the original Android operating system to develop it into a VOS operating system with features specific to Vietnamese consumers. The phones run faster than normal for an Android phone and support free Vsmart-to-Vsmart messaging plus free calls between Vsmart devices.”

As Vietnam continues its relentless drive to develop into a smart digital economy, there is an increasing push to help students in rural areas become digitally savvy and move education online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Vietnam to close schools and focus on online learning and the ability to have a locally made smartphone, that can allow all students in the country to access online education, could be a game changer for the country.




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