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Vietnam plans to increase “digital usage” in 2020 by producing $20 USD smartphones


Vietnam’s Minister of Information and Communications, Nguyen Manh Hung, said last week that 2020 would be the year of the “universalization” of smartphones, and that the country would begin to produced smartphones that will cost only $20 ~ $25 USD, approximately 500,000 Vietnamese dong.

Vietnam has a government goal to increase digital usage and the government wants to increase the number of people, especially in rural areas that have access to services and content and it believes that producing a low-cost “Made-In-Vietnam” smartphone is the way to go since it puts phones in peoples hands and supports the country’s electronics industry.

According to Minster Nguyen, a Vietnamese smartphone will cost $45 - $50 USD to produce, however, with support from mobile operators, application developers and corporate advertisers, a smartphone can be sold for $20 USD.

The Minister was speaking at a meeting of the Ministry of Information and Communications for the first quarter, and he emphasized the government’s goal that 2020 would be the year of national digital transformation, that would include the development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises and cybersecurity ecosystem.

As well as developing “Made In Vietnam” smartphones, the government also wants to see Made In Vietnam cybersecurity products that can be used by domestic companies and consumers.

Minister Nguyen also emphasized that the Ministry of Information and Communications would take strong actions to require cross-border platforms that do business in Vietnam to comply with all relevant Vietnamese laws.

The minister also confirmed that the country would host the ITU Digital World 2020 for the first time in this year. This is the largest telecom event ever held in Vietnam and delegates and companies from 130 - 150 countries are expected to attend.




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