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Vietnam quarantines British & Dutch tourists as COVID-19 virus spreads

Vietnamese health officials say that a total of 39 people, the majority nationals and British visitors, have tested positive to coronavirus / Photo by Nhac Nguyen


A group of 25 Dutch tourists are among dozens of foreigners quarantined in Vietnam as the country tightens measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hanoi says a total of 39 people, the majority being Vietnamese nationals and British visitors, have tested positive to the virus.

On Thursday, authorities confirmed 25 Dutch citizens were among dozens of travelers quarantined in an education facility in the tourist town of Hoi An after taking a domestic flight with a COVID-19 patient.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, director of Hoi An city's prevention healthcare center said about the facility where the visitors are being held said that, "The condition there is not as good as in the hotels, but we will try to provide them with some essential things especially suitable food upon request. Several felt uncomfortable at the beginning, but later they complied with the situation.”

The Voice of Vietnam radio also reported on Thursday that a total of 38 foreigners were in quarantine in Hoi An, including people from Belgium, Finland, Ireland, and Switzerland.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that since early February, almost 25,000 people have been put under quarantine at government centers or at home, and that because of the country’s vigilant approach, no one has died from the coronavirus.

The national government is under pressure to provide figures on the total number of foreigners who are currently in the country under quarantine. Vietnam has granted limited access to visitors from China and South Korea - major coronavirus hotspots - since the outbreak began at the start of 2020, and has imposed a mandatory 14-day quarantine at government-controlled centers for visitors from those countries.

Last weekend, a cluster of infections was discovered among 201 passengers on a Vietnam Airlines flight from London to Hanoi. Authorities are trying to locate anyone who had contact with the infected patients from the flight, who include a Vietnamese social influencer, a government official and several tourists from the United Kingdom.




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