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How Livestreaming Drives Retail and E-Commerce Success


E-commerce has been very successful in the past 20 years but is still two-dimensional.

With Alibaba's livestreaming, you create a three-dimensional, live, interactive, mobile and social shopping experience.

Customer can say, "I want to see the inside of the bag. Show me how many zippers there are."

That is beyond anybody could have imagined five years ago.

- "We believe livestreaming is the future of retail and e-commerce.”

The founders of New York-based fashion company And Luxe Inc. explain how livestreaming creates a three-dimensional, interactive and social shopping experience for Chinese consumers looking to discover brands from all across the globe.

Customer service inquiry, track their package, it's linked to their bank account so the sales conversion is much, much higher when you don't have to go anywhere.

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By the end of 2020, over 350 million Chinese are buying from foreign brands and individuals, and that number is still growing.




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