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Japan says Tokyo Olympics will not be cancelled because of the Coronavirus threat

Japanese Olympic officials refuted a comment made by International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound, who said the Tokyo Olympics could potentially be canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, that “as far as we all know” the Olympics will kick off in Tokyo as scheduled.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary said during a Wednesday press conference that the Olympics will be held as planned in July. Suga said, "We would like to prepare steadily for the event, including offering information abroad regarding our measures against the spread of the coronavirus."

The statement by Suga, directly contradicts a statement made on Tuesday by Pound, who told the Associated Press “you’re probably looking at a cancellation” if the IOC decides it’s too much of a risk for the Olympics to take place. He said that there are too many logistics for the Games to be postponed, citing professional league schedules, television and media schedules, along with other “moving parts” that make that option impractical.

According to a report by Nikkei, if the Tokyo Olympic games were cancelled, there would be little recourse for sponsors to recoup their sponsorship fees and the Japanese government could lose as much as $25.2 billion USD on the money that it has spent to build facilities and prepare for the Olympic games. In the event that the Olympics were delayed by a year, the Japanese government would have to wait that much time before recouping its investment.

Following is the official list of the Tokyo Olympic Sponsors:






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