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China using drones to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus


As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads across China, the national government along with local governments and various ministries have taken to the use of drones to provide local citizens with information and to spray disinfectant in both urban and rural areas.

China is already well known for its adoption of drones for a wide array of uses, but now they are becoming essential tools to fight the new coronavirus outbreak. Various places throughout China are using drones to execute a variety of tasks, including spraying disinfectant over villages, dispersing public gatherings and facilitating construction.

Screenshots from social media website Weibo, show a villager in Shandong province using a drone to spray disinfectant over
his village

In addition to drones that are spraying disinfectant, other drones are having megaphones mounted on them so that government officials can provide information to the public, especially as it relates to gathering of people and their dispersal.

Drones are also being used in other ways, such as monitoring traffic and waste disposal. In Shanghai, drones have been used to monitor travelers’ temperatures and in Wuhan, where the virus outbreak originated, “Lighting Drones” hover above the ground assisting construction crews to build new hospitals.

Each lighting drone can last for 10 hours on a single charge and cover 6,000 square meters of space. Construction crews say the lighting drones are more efficient than traditional street lamps and can facilitate construction by being easily moved from one spot to another.




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