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Tony Fernandes wants AirAsia to help the world to hear ASEAN music and launches music label

Tony Fernandes, CEO of the AirAsia Group announced the launch of RedRecords, a new music label that will showcase ASEAN music


Tony Fernandes, the CEO of the AirAsia is coming back to his roots. Before joining the airline industry in 2001, Fernandes was a music executive at Warner Music. And now, he is combing his passion for music with his airline business as he teams up with Universal Music Group (UMG) to start RedRecords, a music label that will be devoted to discovering and grooming new talents from across Southeast Asia.

Fernandes said at the RedRecords launch in Kuala Lumpur that, “The idea is to use the marketing power of AirAsia to find talents in South East Asia, make great music and help them break through in the global market. It’s a lofty dream. But if you never do it, you never know.”

Fernandes also said that he hopes that his efforts will foster a global appreciation for ASEAN music and that RedRecords will showcase the different native languages spoken in ASEAN countries as well as traditional instruments like the gamelan.

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Music Group said that, “Music today in the streaming age has no barriers. We’ve seen that with the music from Latin America, Europe and with K-pop. We think this partnership between AirAsia and Universal Music will be a phenomenal opportunity to introduce the best music from the (ASEAN) market.”

Fernandes also said at the launch that, “This day has been 18 years in the making. It’s a really special day for me to be back in the music business.”

RedRecords has also announced its first signed artist is 19-year-old Thai-German singer Jannine Weigel. If you’re flying an AirAsia flight in the future, you’ll be sure to hear her music as well as the music of countless other Asian’s the label works with.




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