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Korean Air plans to expand the use of facial recognition boarding technology

Korean Air has announced the introduction of facial recognition boarding tech that allows passengers to board flights without scanning boarding pass


Korea Air has announced that it will implement facial recognition systems that will allow passengers to board flights easier while enhancing the efficiency of identification checks and strengthening security protocols.

The system takes a photograph of the passenger’s face and then automatically checks whether it matches the passenger’s passport and boarding pass information. The airline says that it expects that the new system will make check-in easier and reduce boarding time for passengers.

Korean Air currently uses airport facial recognition services in Singapore and Los Angeles, and will begin to provide facial recognition boarding services in Atlanta from November through a technological cooperation with its joint venture partner Delta Air Lines.

After the system is implemented in Atlanta, it plans to expand facial recognition systems to New York’s JFK airport in December. It’s also preparing for the installation of facial recognition services at Incheon International Airport in cooperation with the airports “Smart Airport Plan.”

Korean Air says that is also expanding self-check-in kiosk services at Incheon International Airport that will allow passengers to reserve seats and to self-tag their baggage. The airline has determined that passengers who use self-service kiosks reduce their check-in time by more than 30% and the airline is eager to expand this system as quickly as possible.




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