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Jakarta plans to limit e-scooters after a fatal collision left two students dead


After seeing two 18-year olds killed while using GrabWheels, Grab’s e-scooter device, the Jakarta Transportation Agency plans to introduce regulations to limit the use of e-scooters in the capital city.

The new regulations will stipulate that e-scooters can only allowed on the bicycle lanes, and will be prohibited on crossing roads for motorized vehicles. Additionally, e-scooters will be banned on all sidewalks in the city as well as pedestrian bridges, and car-free day areas. Regulators have said they will also review e-scooter’s operational time limitations in the city and any additional areas that they feel will have an impact on safety.

Syafrin Liputo, head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency said in an interview with local media that,
“I am currently finalizing the new rules. So later, GrabWheels’ users will be only able to use the bicycle lane when on the main road.” Liputo also said that the new safety and procedural regulation are expected to be completed in December, but the date for implementation of the new rules is still being discussed.

T.J. Tham, CEO of Grabwheels, said in an interview with the website KrASIA, that Grab Indonesia will support the families of the two people who died, and will work to improve the safety of its users.

Tham said, “We have contacted the victims’ family and our priority is to provide full support and assistance needed by the victims and their families. Grab is committed to continuously improving the safety of GrabWheels through educating our users and working with related parties.”




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