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Indonesian edtech startup Ruangguru launches its classes in Vietnam


Indonesian edtech startup Ruangguru has made the first step in its regional expansion by launching the Kien Guru education platform in Vietnam. Ruangguru says that Kien Guru already has a local team operating in the country and that Kien Guru has more than 2,000 video lectures and 15,000+ pieces of education content available to Vietnamese students.

Ruangguru said that it chose Vietnam as its first expansion market because its education sector in the country has similar problems to that of Indonesia, such as an uneven distribution of teachers, a large gap in educational facilities between large and small cities, and limited access to high-quality educational content.

Ruangguru’s Vietnam subsidiary Kien Guru already has more than 2,000 video lectures and 15,000 pieces of supplementary
learning materials available to students

According to information on the Kien Guru website, Kien Guru currently has 2,000+ video lectures and tutorials, and 15,000+ pieces of supplementary learning materials including question banks, practice exercises, infographics, and more. It says that lesson plans and materials have been prepared by professional teachers from educational and research institutes in Vietnam.

The Kien Guru education app

Ruangguru was founded five years ago as an online tutoring platform. It has grown to be the most diversified edtech startup in Indonesia. The company says that it has more than six million users and works with more than 150,000 teachers who offer online courses in 100 learning areas.




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