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Are you up for the challenge to eat Bangkok's 'biggest burger?'

Thailand’s biggest burger is a mouthful and more...


We all need challenges in life, especially those that are worthy of a place of fame, or at least that seems to be the philosophy of a bunch of YouTuber’s who have challenged anyone visiting Bangkok to eat the biggest burger in town, a massive 10,000 calorie behemoth that weighs more than 6 kilograms.

The 10,000 calorie burger that is covered in bacon, cheese and fired onion rings is available at Chris’s Steaks and Burgers and Bangkok and there is even a challenge associated with the burger. Any customer who orders the burger and who can then finish it in 9 minutes, can win a $330 USD (10,000 THB) prize. And in case you’re wondering, the 10,000 Thai Bhat price is based upon 1 Bhat for every calorie in the burger.

Since the price of the burger is $82.75 USD, the prize money covers the cost of the burger and any medical bills that result from the culinary over indulgence.

Komdech Kongsuwan, the owner of Chris’s Steaks and Burgers said that he came up with the giant burger contest after three customers came to the restaurant and managed to eat a giant burger within the 9-minute time frame.

New challengers are coming through the door every day and one customer who tried and failed said, "I will definitely come back to eat a giant burger in the contest at some time in the future, but it will take time to exercise off the calories from the first attempt.”




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