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Vietnam’s Beowulf blockchain partners with the National Taiwan Normal University to teach Mandarin

The Beowulf and National Taiwan Normal University agreement signing


Vietnam’s Beowulf, a leading blockchain platform, is going to partner with the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for a Mandarin language-teaching program.

The focus of the new partnership is based upon students of Mandarin Chinese, who study online or who test their knowledge online being offered an international standard certificate in Mandarin Chinese upon completion of their studies, similar to Cambridge University’s IELTS Certificate for English learners.

In order to implement the project, the National Taiwan Normal University will repurpose its Mandarin Chinese courses into modules that can be taught online. As students complete various levels of study, NTNU will also be responsible for student evaluation and certification.

The Mandarin Center at the National Taiwan Normal University

Beowulf has created the “Victoria” distance-learning platform that utilizes a global blockchain communications infrastructure. The platform will make teaching materials, lesson plans, resources and even teaching methods available to students and instructors worldwide.

As well as their individual roles, both NTNU and Beowulf plan to collaborate on finding teachers for the Mandarin Chinese programs and to admitting students into the program.

The National Taiwan Normal University is Taiwan’s most prestigious university and its Mandarin Chinese courses are considered among the best in the world. The collaboration with Beowulf provides the university with a platform to begin marketing Chinese classes on a worldwide basis and could allow the university to expand its online offerings in the future.

Beowulf provides a decentralized cloud network for communication services that utilizes computing resources globally to form a supercomputer network. The architecture of the Beowulf network is combined with blockchain for payment systems and has two layers that include the cloud network and blockchain technology. Combining with blockchain for a payment system, Beowulf brings in transparency for all users within its network.

Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO of Beowulf said about the partnership with NTNU that, “Beowulf’s blockchain-based solution helps connects Mandarin teachers and students who want to learn Mandarin anytime, anywhere. Ultimately, it’s about making language education accessible and affordable to more students, and in the process, helping raise the profile of one of Taiwan’s most accredited institutions.”




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