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Cebu Pacific introduces “Charlie” the chatbot

Cebu Pacific Airlines introduces Charlie, their chatbot.


Cebu Pacific Air has officially launched its online travel assistant, Charlie the chatbot, its online travel assistant that will help the airline in its digital transformation. Charlie is available on the airline’s website and the airlines official Facebook page and he functions 24/7 to answer customers’ frequently asked questions.

Charlie has the ability to help the airlines passengers on their journeys by answering frequently asked questions and by assist in various customer processes. According to the airline, Charlie has the ability to interact with customers on real-time basis and can improve the customer experience for passengers.

Charlie began “beta” testing in January and since that time, it is estimated that he has had more than 390,000 customer interactions and been able to respond to a variety of customer concerns. The majority of passengers who have engaged with Charlie have reported positive experiences and the customer feedback will help the AI and database systems that are the backbone of Charlie to improve in the future.

Charlie, the chatbot appears on the right-hand side of Cebu Pacific website

Charlie has been designed for a variety of customer service functions, and his capabilities include providing customers with flight information, assisting passengers with their flight check-in and providing them with their boarding passes. Charlie can also provide information on Cebu Pacific’s ongoing promotions and help customers decide which promotions are best for them.

In order to query and interact with Charlie, customers have two options; they can type in their queries in English or choose from a variety of topic options when they open the chat box.

Candice Iyog, Vice President, Marketing at Cebu Pacific said, “We’ve always talked about being an enabler of fun and accessible travels, and as part of our thrust to enhance customer experience with the airline, we created Charlie.”

Iyog adds, “Charlie still has a long way to go in terms of learning – just like any chatbot. Rest assured, we are continuously working on expanding Charlie’s knowledge in order to provide our passengers with the best customer experience possible.”




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