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Is Vietnam ready for a 6-hour workday?

Vietnam’s workers are to tired to work.


According to a recent survey of Vietnamese workers, 68% of workers are so tired from their daily lives that their maximum productivity at work is for 4 ~ 6 hours. Incredibly, only 14% of survey respondents said they are productive for at least 7 hours per day.

Adecco Vietnam, a human resources company surveyed 500 office workers and 200 office employees and found that being at the office does not directly translate into productivity.

According to Adecco’s survey ...

• 78% of employers expect their staff to stay in the office at all times

• 54% of employees say they sometimes stay at work late even if they don’t have any work

• 83 percent of employees believe that a flexible working schedule will boost their productivity
When asked when they are most productive, the majority of people said that the morning hours, between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. is when they are the most energetic and late afternoons is when they are the least productive.

Respondents also said that distractions at work is a major factor in limiting their productivity

• 55% of respondents said they have to read 15 or more emails each day

• 54% of respondents said they have to check their phones at least 10 times each day

• 14% of respondents said they have to read 40 or more emails each day

Adecco’s survey also noted that 75% of workers admit that a lack of motivation affects their work and that poor work benefits, negative working environments and the lack of growth opportunities lowered morale and productivity.

A General Statistics Office (GSO) report released in August said that Vietnam’s GDP growth per worker increased 6% year-on-year, but the country’s productivity continues to lag behind many of its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Thanh Le, Director of Adecco’s Ho Chi Minh City Office said about the surveys results that "Managers should plan and create progression roadmaps for every position, as well as introduce constant training programs that encourage innovation among employees. This ensures allocating human resources to the right jobs, and allows employers to monitor the growth of each employee."




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