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Singapore Airlines hosts the world’s first in-flight live television broadcast


On September 18th, Singapore Airlines made history as it partnered with Sky Sports for the world’s first live broadcast from a commercial flight.

Sky Sports presenter Craig Slater interviewed Ruth Buscombe, from the Alfa Romeo Racing Formula One team, on a “live” segment related to this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2019, that took place on board a Singapore Airlines fright from Zurich to Singapore, on an Airbus A380 aircraft.

Fans on the ground were able to watch live as the Alfa Romeo Racing team discussed what life is like in the sky, travelling to world-class racing destinations, and how they stay connected to their lives on the ground.


SITAONAIR’s high-speed Internet ONAIR technology system was used for the live broadcast. This in-flight WiFi system is available on Singapore Airline’s A380 aircraft. This in-flight connectivity portal enabled Sky Sports to film and broadcast the live in-flight interview to television.

The broadcast took place before the Singapore Night Race, on September 20 ~ 22, at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Singapore Airlines has been the title sponsor of the racing event since 2014 so the live broadcast was a component of the airlines advertising and marketing promotion for the race.

Subhas Menon, Regional Vice President, Europe for Singapore Airlines said, “We are delighted to host the world’s first live broadcast from a commercial A380 flight for a major television channel. It is a great way to celebrate the excitement ahead of the Singapore Night Race. It is also a testament to the sophistication of our aircraft and our commitment to innovation that this technological feat could take place.”

Katrina Korzenowski for SITAONAIR added, “We’re excited to support Singapore Airlines in this pioneering venture, bringing live broadcast interviews to fans on the ground from 35,000 feet! The event is a testament to SIA’s dedication to outstanding passenger experience, as well as SITAONAIR’s ever-evolving work with Inmarsat to provide highly reliable, advanced inflight connectivity to airlines throughout the globe.”




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