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Toyota’s 2020 Olympic Games fleets will focus on Mobility & Sustainability

A montage of Toyota’s vehicles that may be seen at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Photo courtesy of Toyota.

In support of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Toyota will provide a fleet of 3,000+ passenger vehicles that are designed on the dual concepts of mobility and sustainability.

Toyota’s focus on mobility is to provide everyone attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, including people with physical impairments, with the freedom to easily move where they want, when they want. To support this concept, Toyota will showcase vehicles that are designed to function with little or no direct human control.

Visitors who want to visit the Haneda and Tokyo Water Front City areas will be able to drive in vehicles that use Level 4 SAE automation protocols which govern the self-driving functions of the vehicles.

Toyota’s focus on sustainability will be centered on the realization of a hydrogen society that will see the automaker will support the games with a large number of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) such as the Mirai sedan, the Sora fuel cell buses. Toyota’s latest battery electric, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will mainly compose the rest of the fleet.

The transportation system of the games in 2020 will be supported by a Toyota production system, which will utilize the latest information and connected technologies, such as vehicle data communication modules connected to its mobility service platform, to provide safe transportation of people and freight during the games.

Following are some of the Toyota vehicles that people will see at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympic Games.


A Toyota self-driving ride-share vehicle designed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


Toyota’s golf-cart bus that will be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


Olympic visitors may be driven around in Toyota “London Style” hydrogen-cell taxis







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