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Now you can co-work at Hooters in Tokyo


If you’re a business visitor to Tokyo and have looked for co-work spaces, there are a number of high-priced options at hotels and serviced offices, and there are even capsule offices located near train stations in Tokyo where you can pay for a personal space for 30-minutes that includes a lounge chair, Wi-fi and electric plugins for your digital devices.

And while these types of co-work spaces are acceptable to most people, there are other co-works spaces popping up across Tokyo that use restaurants and clubs that are considerably more attractive, including Hooters – The international bar & restaurant famous for its “Hooter Girls.” Tokyo-based Spacee, is a co-work space service that's offering the opportunity for people to work at various locations across Tokyo for just 100 yen per hour, which is less than $1- USD. For this price, you’ll get your own guaranteed working space and a place to charge your devices in a peaceful, library-like environment if that’s what you want, or you can be more adventurous and co-work at the Hooters in downtown Tokyo.

Spacee Tokyo co-work spaces at the Ginza Hooters

The Ginza Hooters has designated 20 seats as Spacee works paces, which can be used in 30-minutes blocks for just 50 yen (US$0.47) as long as you’re registered with Spacee and book your space and make payment through their mobile app.

The Hooter’s / Spacee work spaces are available daily from 1 to 7 p.m., and there is no obligation to buy food or drinks from Hooters during your work time. However, for those who do want to eat and drink, Spacee users receive discounts on selected beverages and food items from the menu, which are served by Hooters waitresses.

Spacee executives were excited about the tie-up with Hooters and said that “Working in a different environment from an ordinary office can boost productivity, and well as promote the development of new ideas.”




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