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Vietnam plans to become the leading digital economy in ASEAN by 2030


Vietnam’s Authority of Information Technology Application (AITA) has drafted a proposal on national digital transformation that will see Vietnam become a test ground for new digital economy technologies and become ASEAN’s leading digital country and economy by 2030.

AITA was give an assignment by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) to develop policies for the Vietnamese government to develop the country’s economy based upon digital technologies.

Nguyen Thanh Phuc, AITA’s director, said the draft plan envisions all Vietnamese citizens being able to participate in the digital economy and includes proposals for improving the competitiveness of the economy. The 2030 goals include growing the digital economy at an average of 20% per year and labor productivity growing 7 ~ 10% per year.

AITA’S vision is for Vietnam to be in the global top 20 countries and the top three countries is the ASEAN trade group based upon the global competitiveness index. Additionally, AITA’s believes that Vietnam’s should continue efforts to build an effective and transparent government and that its e-government policies and technologies should place it among the world’s top 50 governments.

Another goal is to have everyone in the country using mobile payment services by 2030 and AITA’s Nguyen noted that: “Electronic identification will be widely recognised and used by the State to promote not only transactions between people and government agencies but also other transactions in the digital economy.”

The AITA draft expects that all Vietnamese citizens will be equipped with digital skills and proposes that the digital transformation roadmap be implemented in three periods:

• From 2020 to 2022 - Digitize industrial sectors and implement digital transformation of the economy, government agencies and society

• From 2023 to 2025 - Focus on digital transformation to improve labor productivity, creating new growth momentum and competitiveness

• From 2026 to 2030 – Develop a comprehensive digital economy and society


AITA’s report said that while Vietnam has paid attention to the development and application of various technologies, the concept of digital transformation has generally been ignored and therefore breakthroughs in processes and products that are based on data and digital technologies had been lacking. The draft plan by AITA says that, “For a successful digital transformation, all social components need investment, especially in resolving current shortcomings.”




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